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The Grand Re-Opening

"Nobody ever went in and nobody ever came out". Those haunting words from Roald Dahl set the scene for the grand re-opening of Willy Wonka's eponymous chocolate factory. For three years the factory sat silent - and then miraculously one day the machines came back to life. On 30 June 1971, cinema audiences around the world were able to see for the first time inside the Chocolate Factory, and imagination become reality - Chocolate Waterfalls, Edible Trees, Everlasting Gobstoppers.

39 years later, almost to the day, my research factory shut down. For 9 years, the Mortality Morbidity Service brought forth a kaleidoscope of models, analyses and expert opinions, bringing together doctors, statisticians, epidemiologists and actuaries. Maybe the Bulletins were not as delicious and breath taking as Wonka's creations but I still remember the exquisite sense of relief and achievement as they sped on their merry electronic way and the sandwich lunches that greeted each new arrival.

Now, 10 years on, the factory is showing signs of life once more. This year, the doors will re-open under new management. Common research understanding provides the basis for individual exploration and experimentation. COIOS Research aims to bring that shared knowledge to you - and deliver tasty goodies through the Crucible. Welcome back!

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